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A float tank is the perfect environment to practice meditation, as you are in a place that is free from distractions.

Relaxing & Meditative

Deep Relaxation Through Floatation Therapy in Altrincham

Floatation therapy is an effective tool for deep relaxation of both the body and mind. When you float, your body doesn’t have to put any effort into supporting itself, and there’s no pressure acting on it due to the feeling of weightlessness. This allows your muscles and joints to relax, and your spine to decompress.

At the same time, the mind is able to relax due to the reduced workload, as there are no external stimuli to interpret. This allows your mind to switch off and relax. During floatation therapy, the brain experiences increased theta wave activity, which has also been observed during meditation. This theta wave activity resembles the theta-activity during stage-1 sleep and hypnagogic states.

According to the research, floatation therapy has been found to reduce stress hormones and increase endorphins, which have a positive impact on mental health. A study has shown that floatation therapy can help improve learning, creativity, and concentration.

Experience the benefits of floatation therapy in Altrincham at our spa. Our facilities are designed to provide the perfect environment for deep relaxation and meditation.


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