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Standard Float

From: £35.00 (or 1 Float Credit)

SUMMER OFFER – For a limited time all float bookings are £35! (normally £45)

Decide whether you would prefer a traditional silent float with music only at the start and end (to allow your mind to switch off without distraction) or our new guided meditation float (ideally suited to busy minds)



Experience Total Relaxation

Floatation therapy, offered at Zero Gravity Float Spa in Altrincham, Manchester, is an innovative approach to deep relaxation. This method involves lying quietly in a sensory deprivation tank filled with a warm solution of Epsom salt for an hour or more. The sensory deprivation tank reduces sensory input, which slows down brainwaves and induces a meditative theta state. Many describe this experience as floating through outer space.

Floatation therapy is known to provide numerous benefits, including profound peace and relaxation, calmness, reduced stress, increased deep concentration and creativity, as well as reduction of physical pain and tension. Try our floatation therapy sessions and experience the ultimate relaxation in Altrincham, Manchester.

Please allow 90 minutes for the full experience, including a refreshing shower and time to prepare for the world again. Arrive early and enjoy a cup of herbal tea in our chill-out lounge.

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