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Spa Day Voucher

£87.50 inc. VAT (or 2.5 Float Credits)

Float and Massage Gift Voucher


The perfect day of relaxation, our Float and Massage voucher includes one 60-minute floatation session and one of our 60-minute massage sessions for the ultimate in self-care and stress reduction!

Floatation and Massage are two therapies that synergise perfectly, allowing you to maximise the benefits from each!

Choosing to float first will relax all of your muscles fully before the massage, allowing the therapist to more effectively work on any leftover knots as they don’t have to work through tense layers of muscle.

Alternatively, having a massage first will allow someone to settle into their float faster and get to a deeper state as they will start their float already mentally and physically relaxed from the massage.

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Our Floatation sessions offer the perfect escape from daily life. During your 60-minute session, float effortlessly in one of our state-of-the-art float tanks filled with a warm solution of Epsom salt for a weightless sensation, like floating through outer space! During your float, you are able to close the lid and turn the lights off to reduce external sensory input your brain would otherwise be processing – this slows down brainwaves and creates a meditative state that’s both calming and rejuvenating. You’ll emerge feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the day!

Massage has been used for centuries across the world, playing a key role in maintaining optimal health; used to promote energy flow, prevent illness and it was even prescribed to the gladiators to aid with muscle recovery and strength building. Choose between many different massage styles including sports, deep tissue, relaxation or more! When booking your session, please book the therapist most suited to the type of massage you want.

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