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Massage Therapist Voucher

£55.00 inc. VAT (or 1.5 Float Credits)

Massage Gift Voucher


A voucher for one of our 60-minute massage sessions is the ideal gift for anyone in need of a bit of self-care and stress reduction! Combined with one of our float vouchers to give someone the perfect day of relaxation!

This is the ideal gift for anyone in need of a bit of self-care and stress reduction. Choose between many different massage styles including sports, deep tissue, relaxation or more!

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Floatation and massage therapies complement each other perfectly, so if you want to send someone for the prefect relaxation day, combine with one of our float vouchers! Having a massage before going into a float is perfect for people new to floatation as the massage will help physically and mentally relax them so they will settle into their float much quicker and easier! Alternatively, by having the floatation session first, when the massage therapist does work on you they will have a much easier time working on any leftover knots, as the rest of your muscles will be so relaxed from the float!

(When booking your session, please book the therapist most suited to the type of massage you want.)

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