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Gold Membership

£100.00 inc. VAT / month

Gold Membership

4 Floats Per Month – £25 per float.


Our Gold membership is perfect for someone just looking to float weekly without the hassle of remembering to keep buying packages! Also, as all of our memberships are sharable, the Gold membership is perfect for a group of friends/family/colleagues that want to share a membership.

If you do happen to use both membership floats in one month, additional floats can be purchased at the per float price (£25)! Alternatively, if you don’t have opportunity to use both of your membership floats in a month, don’t worry, any leftover floats carry over into the next month!

Finally, as the cherry on top, all of our memberships come with complementary massage chair sessions when you book in for a float – just add the massage chair booking to your cart when booking your float!

No minimum commitment, all memberships can be shared between family and friends and unlimited additional floats can be purchased at the membership rate!

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