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Improves quality of sleep by increasing REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep cycles

Improved sleep

Floatation has been shown to increase the quality of sleep after a float [3] and has even shown promise for helping with insomnia [6]. People that float tend to notice that they sleep very well the night of their float, as much more of their night’s sleep is spent in ‘deep’ (REM cycle) sleep, as opposed to ‘light’ (non-REM) sleep.

Additionally, a lot of people find it easier to fall asleep right after their float, especially if floating towards the end of their day. This is because in order to successfully fall and stay asleep, a relaxed and stress-free state is important, and floatation has been clinically proven to help reduce stress.


[3]: Eliciting the relaxation response with the help of flotation-rest (restricted environmental stimulation technique) in patients with stress-related ailments (Bood, S. Å., Sundequist, U., Kjellgren, A., Norlander, T., Nordström, L., Nordenström, K., & Nordström, G)

[6] REST in the Treatment of Persistent Psychophysiological Insomnia (Elizabeth Ballard)

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