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How To Prepare for a Float Tank Session

Preparing to embark on a journey of relaxation and floaty goodness in a mysterious tank filled with salty dreams? Well, get ready to dive into the wonderful world of float tanks! But before you hop in, let us give you some quick tips on how to prepare for this mind-bending experience. Get your float on, people!

Shower Power!

Yes, before you dive into the float tank, you must take a pre-float shower. This is one reason we say to allow 90 minutes for your session, to shower before and after.

It’s not just about being clean and washing off any oils from your hair and body; it’s about respecting the sacred tank space and avoiding any unintentional chemistry experiments.

Wearing Nothing is a Thing!

The float tank and room is your own private space. Most of our customers choose to float naked but if it helps you relax to wear swimwear this is also fine (although you may want to bring a plastic bag to put your salty/wet swimwear afterwards!). Floating naked can also enhance the experience as it’s one less sense to feel against your skin and therefore can add to the sensory deprivation side of things.

No Pre – Coffee

As much as we all adore that caffeinated goodness, it’s best to lay off the coffee before a float session. We’re trying to reach a state of serenity, not trying to breakdance on the ceiling! Caffeine and float tanks are like oil and water—total opposites. You want to relax, not be energised. So, skip the coffee and embrace the zen. Your brain will thank you later!

Embrace your “Inner Yoda”

We have 60,000 thoughts in a day so expect thoughts to pop up during your float. Just like with meditation, address and acknowledge those thoughts and let them flow away like a river as you tap into your “Inner Yoda” wisdom. Float sessions can lead to some profound realizations, so be open to the unexpected. The best approach is to go with the flow and not to worry if you keep having thoughts. The only thing you can do wrong in a float tank is think that you are doing it wrong!

Float with a Friend (or Two!)

Floating solo is awesome, but why not bring along a friend or two? You won’t be sharing a float tank but you can share a laugh before you float, and afterward. The tanks are spacious enough for 2 (or more!) people floating in 1 but we highly recommend floating in your own individual tank to make the most of your sensory deprivation experience. We do have 4 tanks so you can float with 3 of your friends at the same time.

Plus you save money when you buy 2 or more float sessions and get your float for £37.50 per person instead of £45.

Float Like Nobody’s Watching

You’re in the privacy of your own float tank kingdom, so don’t worry about looking graceful or profound. Find whatever position is most comfortable for you and feel free to experiment. We highly recommend to have your arms folded behind your head to prevent shoulder pain as the salt water can push your shoulders up. Or star fish out and visualise your in the sea as you do. Some people even like to practise their Yoga postures in their float tanks.

Be A Hairy Mary

Avoid shaving or any hair removal within 24 hours of your float tank session. Your skin will be sensitive if you do and most likely sting due to the high salt content in the tank. Embrace your hair for one day to allow yourself to fully relax during your float tank session.

Eat Light

Try not to have a heavy meal before your float session to avoid feeling bloated and nauseous. Equally, a light meal is ideal around 90 minutes before your session so you’re not thinking about food when you are floating and relaxing.

Bring Nothing But You, Yourself and You

You don’t have to bring anything but yourself for your session as we provide towels, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, a shower in your private float tank room and hair dryers/straighteners in our beauty room. We even provide robes if you want to make it a longer Spa day and enjoy a massage treatment after your session.

Plus you save money and get your massage for £42.50 instead of £55 when you get a Float & Massage. Use code SpaCombo to save money when you buy a float and massage together.

So there you have it float-fanatics! Now you know how to make the most out of your float tank session. Get ready to drift away, leave your worries at the door, and float like a majestic sea turtle in a saltwater paradise.

Happy floating!

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