We require all first-time floaters to agree to this waiver:

Please confirm that:

Health Conditions

If you have a heart condition or have a pacemaker, asthma, allergies (particularly to salt, bromine or magnesium), or very low blood pressure then you might want to discuss this with your doctor before floating. We also recommend that pregnant ladies get their doctors approval before floating, and that pregnant ladies only float after the first trimester.

Please be aware that…

You may experience a personal discomfort / stinging sensation around intimate areas due to the high Epsom salt concentration in the tanks. This is a rare occurrence, although it can be more common in the following cases:

If you are concerned about this, each room is provided with an Intimate Care pack to reduce the likelihood of any discomfort.

Disability Policy

At Zero Gravity we are very keen to make sure everyone can float, however, safety is very important too. If you have a physical disability then please first consult with your doctor. If your doctor gives you the ok then please call up the centre and speak to one of our team leaders or managers. They will explain to you exactly what precautions and measures we need to take to ensure safe and happy floating. We can’t guarantee that every person who comes to Zero Gravity will be allowed to float, and we must speak to you beforehand to understand any physical disabilities that you are managing so that we can put the correct safety measures in place.

Float Room Safety

Floatation inevitably involves water mixed with a very large amount of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). If any gets onto your face it can be very irritating around your eyes and nose, be very careful when removing it (there is a face towel and fresh water vaporiser inside each tank for this purpose). You must float wearing ear plugs (which we provide). Also, if you have any recent cuts or abrasions, or shaved any area within the preceding 12 hours we recommend that you apply a layer of Vaseline (which we provide) over that area of your skin. Lastly, while we have taken every step to ensure as slip-free a floor as possible, we are conscious that some people might feel quite light headed at the end of their float (as a consequence of their deep state of relaxation) and therefore when getting out of the tank please go slowly and take extra care.

I confirm that if any of the situations above change, then I will inform Zero Gravity prior to floating:

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