Floatation & Claustrophobia

When we tell people about floating one of the main worries people have is potentially feeling claustrophobic.


However, claustrophobia should not deter you from floating.  The tanks are much bigger than people expect, imagine a king sized bed with roughly a meter and a half above you.  In fact as you relax inside the tank it can feel as if there is an infinite space around you as if you are floating out on the ocean.


Here are some important points to note if you are worried about feeling claustrophobic:


  1. The tank door is a large lid above your head which can be left open for the entire session if you like.  It is very light to the touch and you could open and close it easily with one finger.  The door does not lock or close on you so you are completely in control the whole time.
  2. On the left hand side of you is a big button which controls the lighting inside the tank.  We have many customers who leave the lights on for the duration of their float and this is completely fine.  Although this isn’t complete sensory deprivation you will still get all the physical benefits of the float and enjoy the sensation of feeling weightless.  The colours are set to oscillate through a full spectrum which is very beautiful and can help you relax more.
  3. If you do decide to switch the lights off and close the door you will still be able to easily orient yourself by stretching out and touching the sides of the tank around you.  Being able to feel where you are in space can help you feel more grounded and calm inside the tank.
  4. There is 10 minutes of music at the beginning of the float and 5 minutes of music at the end to bring you in and out of the experience.  This means you don’t need to keep track of time and you can even fall asleep in there if you like!  However, if you would prefer to have music playing for the duration of the float just ask us to change the settings for you at reception before you go in.


People float for many reasons but the main one is that it is deeply relaxing.  Just remember you are fully in control of the experience the whole time!


Still unsure?  Why not pop in, we’ll be happy to show you around.  Just call ahead so that we can ensure a tank is free.


Ready to give it a try?  Visit our website or call us on 0161 941 1902 to make a booking.


We promise you’ll be in safe hands.

Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

Questions we get a lot, that this blog post is trying to address.

-what is the point of lying in the dark for an hour?

-Oh, so I can just do this in the bath a home?

-Won’t I get bored?


Why sensory deprivation is so beneficial

(AKA why should you lie in the dark doing nothing for an hour)


Quite a lot of people who come in to float for the first time have the same question – what is the point of coming in to lie in the dark for an hour doing nothing? Surely I could do the same thing at home by lying in the bath and turning the lights out?!


The Idea behind Floatation tanks is that by placing someone in a sensory deprived environment the brain doesn’t have to do any work processing sensory input, and is therefore much more likely to slip off into a deep meditative state, or even fall asleep completely.


Whilst in that deeply relaxed state you get from floating, the brain generates Theta waves, which are usually associated with lucid dreaming, creativity and meditation. At the same time as this, levels of stress hormones (such as Adrenaline and Cortisol) are lowered, whilst the pituitary gland produces Endorphins (which have been known to provide a feeling of euphoria).


This is what makes float tanks so special – everything about them is designed to reduce sensory input, whether it be the feeling of weightlessness that comes from having so much Epsom salt (over 500kg) that you float naturally in the tank, much like in the Dead Sea, or the silence and pitch black that comes from having the lid closed and the lights off. It even comes down to the temperature of the water (35 degrees Celsius), which is as close as possible to skin temperature so that you can forget there is even water there! It is therefore extremely unlikely that people attempting to recreate the floatation experience at home will succeed.


Some clients on their first float have occasionally said they had a sense of boredom before they fully settled into their float. This is usually an unfortunate side effect of how we are so conditioned by the modern world to always be productive or on the go, meaning it can be hard to completely switch off and fully settle into your float, due to that feeling that you should be doing something.


The important thing to remember is that by the very act of doing nothing you are looking after yourself in an important way –removing all of that built up stress and exhaustion that comes from our hectic modern lifestyles.