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About floatation

At Zero Gravity we are committed to promoting well-being, relaxation, and healing, through floatation therapy.

About floatation

At Zero Gravity we are committed to promoting well-being, relaxation, and healing, through floatation therapy.

Meet the Team at Zero Gravity Float Spa


Simon initially floated to wind down and sleep better, but he soon discovered it was also a powerful tool for self-development and meditation. He is passionate about sharing these benefits with others. Simon enjoys practicing Jiu Jitsu, yoga, running and hiking in the mountains.




Chris initially turned to float therapy to relieve his back pain. As he started floating regularly, he noticed the tranquility he achieved during his sessions carried over into his everyday life. When he’s not floating, you’ll find Chris tinkering with his gaming PC or enjoying a good book.


Retired surgeon Graeme developed chronic pain in his neck after nearly 40 years of standing bent over at the operating table. After Simon convinced him to try floating, Graeme’s neck was pain-free for several days. He now floats weekly and continues to benefit from the therapy.


Hannah is passionate about alternative methods to improve mental well-being and finding ‘me time.’ Floating provides her with the perfect opportunity to relax and switch off, as well as recover from long runs. When not floating, she enjoys running, hiking, and baking treats in the kitchen.


During her floats, Anna finds that meditating and practicing breathwork allow her to achieve a profound sense of bliss, which comes naturally to her as she was raised in a holistic family. Outside of her sessions, Anna can be found enjoying sailing, climbing, and learning new skills to expand her knowledge.


Polly’s need for reduced sensory input and love of long baths lead her to float tanks. She found that the effects were like a full body massage and stepping into a new skin without the analytical brain, studying movement and techniques she naturally does when receiving body work. A rest for the brain and the body! When not floating Polly’s passions are creative and nature driven.


Helen floats to enhance her meditation practice and to create space for her creative flow. Outside of the spa, Helen is on path of Divine Feminine Embodiment where she loves to do yoga, Kundalini dance and create beautiful rituals to enhance her spiritual lifestyle.


Sammi sets the temperature higher for her float sessions so it feels like a bath and enjoys the feeling of the mind feeling reset after a float session. Outside of floating, Sammi enjoys walking her dog, cooking, yoga, writing and enjoys studying about skincare, psychology and holistic well-being.

Discover the Tranquil Realm of Floatation Therapy at Zero Gravity Spa

Experience the ultimate relaxation and mental clarity with our sensory deprivation tanks in Altrincham, Manchester. Our floatation therapy sessions allow you to enter a meditative theta state, reducing stress and pain while boosting creativity and concentration. Immerse yourself in a unique and unforgettable spa experience at Zero Gravity Float Spa.

Our State-of-the-Art Float Tanks: The I-Sopod

At Zero Gravity Float Spa in Altrincham, Manchester, we use the revolutionary i-sopod float tanks – designed and constructed in the UK to deliver the ultimate sensory deprivation experience. With advanced features such as a 1-micron filter, germicidal UV light, and automatic H2O2 dosing, our tanks provide unparalleled hygiene and safety. The I-Sopod float tank, is one of the largest tanks on the market, measuring 8ft 6in long by 5ft 6in wide, allowing for maximum comfort and relaxation.

With 550kg of Epsom salt dissolved in 1000 liters of water, our tanks offer effortless floating, making it an ideal environment for deep relaxation and meditation.

The Science behind Floatation Therapy: Reducing Brain Workload through Sensory Deprivation

Floatation Therapy is based on the intriguing theory that nearly 90% of the brain’s workload is attributed to the effects of external environmental stimuli, such as gravity, temperature, touch, light, and sound. Interestingly, even during sleep, the mind remains active by processing signals from various parts of the body that come into contact with the bed, covers, and changes in temperature, as well as auditory and gravitational cues. This is why floatation therapy, with its reduction in external stimuli, has been found to be a powerful tool for achieving deep relaxation and meditative states.

Unlocking the Benefits: Exploring Studies and Articles on the Power of Float Tanks

Burnout Syndrome

Psychotherapeutic Treatment in Combination with Relaxation in a Floatation Tank: Effects on “Burn-Out Syndrome”.

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Alternative Healthcare

Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory
isolation in floatation-tank as a preventive
health-care intervention – a randomized
controlled pilot trial.

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Preventing Sick Leave

Preventing Sick-leave for Sufferers of High Stress-load and Burnout Syndrome: A Pilot Study Combining

Psychotherapy and the Floatation tank.

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Effects of Floatation

On rest, creative problem solving and originality.

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Effects of Floatation – Restricted Environmental

Stimulation technique on stress-related muscle pain: What makes the difference in therapy – attention-placebo or the relaxation response?

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Chronic Tensions Headaches

Read the pilot study.

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