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Experience Deep Relaxation with Floatation Therapy
Unwind and find peace with our tailored massages
Step into Serenity and Float Away in Our Float Spa


Total Rejuvenation

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Discover the Benefits of Float Therapy at Zero Gravity Float Spa

Relaxing & Meditative

The float tank provides a tranquil setting to practice meditation, without distractions to disturb your peace of mind.

Boosts Creativity

Many people turn to floatation for a boost in creativity, as the absence of external stimuli frees the mind to explore new ideas.

Reduces Anxiety

Research suggests floatation can effectively manage clinical anxiety when used with traditional treatments.


Muscle Recovery

Top athletes worldwide use floatation therapy for sports recovery, improved focus, and a competitive edge.


Helps with Depression

Floatation therapy can alleviate depression and promote positive moods when combined with traditional treatments.


Relieves Stress

Clinical studies show floatation therapy reduces stress hormones, systolic blood pressure, and pain.


Strengthens Immunity

Floatation can boost immune response by increasing lymphocytes and combatting stress on immune health.


Improved Sleep

By boosting REM sleep cycles, floatation therapy improves sleep quality and promotes restful, restorative rest.


What is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation Therapy is a unique method of achieving deep relaxation by spending an hour or more lying quietly in darkness, suspended in a warm solution. It is an experience like no other, often described as floating through outer space. The reduction in sensory input causes our brainwaves to slow down, allowing us to drift into a meditative theta state. Many people report feelings of profound peace, calmness, and a reduction of stress. It can also improve concentration and creativity while reducing physical pain and tension.

If you’re looking to experience the benefits of float therapy in Altrincham, Manchester our sensory deprivation tanks are here to help you reach a state of ultimate relaxation.

Learn More About the Benefits of Floatation Therapy

Massage Services at Zero Gravity Float Spa

At Zero Gravity Float Spa in Altrincham, we offer a range of massage services to suit your needs. Our deep tissue massage is perfect for targeting tight muscles and improving circulation, while our sports massage can help athletes prevent injuries and aid in recovery. For a more personalised approach, our experienced massage therapists can tailor their techniques to your specific concerns.

We understand that not everyone may be comfortable with floatation, which is why we also offer a variety of treatments to complement your experience. Our Weyron full body massage chairs provide an effective way to relieve tension, while our new options for float tanks can enhance your relaxation even further.

Explore the types of massages we offer

A Sneak Peek of Our Stunning Spa


“It’s like being in the belly of a cyber whale, really lovely. The weightlessness took over and I felt calm and energized. Great for meditation. Also had a deep tissue massage, which was fantastic.”

Russell Brand

“Amazing! It took a moment for my arms, legs, and head to fully relax in the water, but then the feeling of weightlessness set in. It was a uniquely pleasant experience, akin to a powerful meditation session. I felt both serene and energized at the same time.”

Rachel Hunter

“I think float tanks are one of the most incredible pieces of equipment for self-help and introspective thought that you could ever find. It’s been one of the most important tools for me in personal growth, helping me understand myself, my impact on others, and reducing anxiety.”

Joe Rogan

“At Zero Gravity Float Spa, the float tanks are set to the temperature of your body, creating a sensation of weightlessness. After an hour and 45 minutes in the tank, I emerged feeling refreshed and renewed. My skin felt amazing, and the effects of the float lasted for a while. I can’t wait to do it again!”

Kristin Wiig

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